About Red Kite
Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

We owned 5938 tenanted and 630 leasehold homes

We had these types of homes available:

No. of Bedrooms No. of Tenanted Homes
Bedsits 231
1 Bedroom 2155
2 Bedrooms 1416
3 Bedrooms 2083
4 Bedrooms 47
5 Bedrooms 4
7 Bedrooms 1
8 Bedrooms 1

We had 29 sheltered housing schemes across the district, providing homes for tenants aged 55+. During the year, we made a decision to close five of our schemes as part of the sheltered housing review (more information here)
There were 15 places on our Board – 6 for tenants and 1 for a leaseholder

We had 136 members of staff (19 of these were fixed term contracts and 20 were agency workers) and 88 volunteers

Our focus over the last year has been on continuing to deliver the thousands of improvements made to our customers (in the Transfer Offer document) before the homes were transferred to Red Kite, as well as delivering the promises we made

As a community organisation, we are truly tenant-led, which means that our tenants and leaseholders inspire and influence the design, delivery and outcome of everything we do, in lots of different ways

Our second regulatory judgement (a review by our regulator about how we operate) demonstrated a good rating overall, staying the same as the previous year which shows a solid picture for our finances and governance

157 of our customers had chosen to become Red Kite members so that they have the right to vote on key decisions and the make-up of our Board, making a total of 686 members!

We introduced mobile working which allows our front line Experience Team to provide services much more easily, while they are out in your communities

We also introduced task-based working which means we respond to customer requests in a much smarter way

Customers can now book appointments with our Experience Team online, selecting the most convenient date and time

Investing in better technology and making services even more accessible, including:
  • Giving our teams direct access to information and support when they are out and about in our communities. Technology like this helps us to reduce costs and respond to your needs in a better way
  • Making it easier for you to use technology through community hubs, free WiFi in some of our buildings and access to training that will help you manage your tenancy or build life skills
Sharing our corporate journey to outline our focus for the future, in terms of providing homes, building communities and developing people

Our Board is responsible for having a clear picture of the way we spend our money and use resources, making sure that they deliver the best quality which offers great value for money

Performance monitoring reports are provided to the Board and to your Tenant and Leaseholder Committee (which is now the Customer and Community Insight Group) each quarter so they can keep track of this

We have a Value for Money Strategy and Action Plan that helps us share best practice with our teams so that everyone has a focus on getting the most out of the money we spend.

Jennie Ferrigno, Chairman

“Wow, what a report this is! You can tell from the figures that we are achieving exactly what we set out to do. Our promises are on track and you can continue to keep an eye on things via our website, which is updated regularly.

I will not be going into detail of our achievements, some are listed, but on behalf of the Board I do want to congratulate our staff and our involved tenants and leaseholders on their amazing work ethic and dedication. I also want to thank you for your patience and if the work that you have had done hasn't gone quite according to plan or indeed your expectation we know that our team have done their level best to rectify any issues. We have experienced some problems with contractors, ever since we started, but we have done all we can to make sure that we have now turned a corner. Working with partners that don't fully understand our values or appreciate how important our promises are to you has proved a challenge but our dedicated tenant members and staff have been monitoring all the work very closely.

Our finances remain solid and we began this third year from a very good position. We have maintained our G1 and V2 ratings with the regulator, which is quite an achievement. We continue to monitor value for money on a daily basis to ensure that you get the best possible service, from how we collect your rent to how we negotiate the right contracts.

As always I wish you well and look forward to the next year, which will be quite a challenge for all housing providers. We will continue to do the very best that we can to ensure that our organisation continues providing a service that we are all proud of”.   Click to return