Antisocial Behaviour
Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

The top three causes of anti-social behaviour were
  • Noise
  • Verbal Abuse / Harassment / Intimidation / Threatening behaviour
  • Neighbour dispute
Injunctions have continued to prove an effective way of tackling antisocial behaviour, since the consequences of breaching the injunctions are very serious. Other low level actions like warning letters, Acceptable Behaviour Contracts, Good Neighbour Agreements and Notices of Seeking Possession have also proved quite effective as perpetrators of ASB are well aware that this could lead to legal/tenancy enforcement actions

When we deal with anti-social behaviour, we are always looking for the best outcome for those people involved,
so the number of notices and orders we issue contribute to the positive outcome we are working towards – there is no good or bad number

We spent more than £40,000 dealing with antisocial behaviour (ASB), mostly on court fees

Antisocial behaviour can be reported 24 hours a day through our website and our Red Kite app (available on the App store and Google Play)

We have a dedicated team who manage antisocial behaviour and are available to support you and your communities to work through solutions for behaviour that affects you

We have a zero-tolerance policy for antisocial behaviour, and work with affected tenants to improve situations as much as we can.
This can include having more contact with people who are displaying anti-social behaviour, setting out the responsibility of all tenants when it comes to behaving in a considerate way and making it easier to report

We introduced a new IT system that helps us to deliver a first class service to our customers. This system greatly enhances the way we record, deal with, monitor and report on ASB cases

In partnership with Thames Valley Police we worked to obtain a Drugs Closure Order in one of our homes, with the tenant eventually being evicted

We obtained a record 10 Anti-Social Behaviour Injunctions and carried out two ASB evictions

11 antisocial behaviour cases were referred to mediation, in an attempt to improve relationships between neighbours and people who come into regular contact with each other.
We will be:

Investing in more surveillance technology to record cases and help with stamping out antisocial behaviour

Working more closely with our partner agencies (Wycombe District Council, and Thames Valley Police) and other local organisations to tackle ASB and help affected families

Improving the feedback process so that we can learn from ASB cases and how we can manage similar cases.

An investment into a new IT system is helping us to deliver a more effective ASB service.

A tenant at Mahoney Court:

“The ASB procedure works efficiently, I found it easy to report my complaint and it was handled brilliantly”.

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