Choosing our Partners
Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

All of the contracts we awarded were shaped and chosen by your fellow tenants and leaseholders on our Core Procurement Group:
  • Repairs and maintenance – in 2013/14, Kier Services were awarded an interim contract to carry out repair work for one year, with a view to appointing a new permanent contractor (which in July 2015 was announced as Axis Group PLC)
  • IT service – following a robust and thorough procurement process, a great IT partner was appointed in Sovereign, which has already helped us to improve many of our office systems. They are also working with us to put in place newer technology to better equip all of our staff
  • Cleaning - our new cleaning contractor Just Ask that is responsible for cleaning and maintaining our blocks and schemes
  • External and internal decorations - a new contract was awarded to Axis
  • Asbestos - new contracts were awarded to Aspect Contracts Ltd for asbestos removal and asbestos surveys and sample analysis
  • Minor works - Lightside joined the team as a new Small to Medium Enterprise, carrying out minor works
  • Tree management - we awarded a contract for Wycombe District Council
Your tenant and leaseholder Core Procurement Group led on what the contracts looked like to make sure your needs and priorities were addressed, how the services would be delivered and who the best contractor was to deliver them, considering price but focussing on quality

Receiving excellent feedback about our new grounds maintenance contractor, John O’Connor, and other new contractors we now work with

Selecting new contracts that focus on quality over cost

We have recently recruited four new members to the Core Procurement Group, who over the next few months will be working alongside our current members and learning from their skills and experience. We are also on the lookout for anyone else who is interested in joining the group and plan to hold further training on procurement later in the year if there is demand for it.

With the Core Procurement Group designing contracts and selecting new contractors, we can make sure that quality is the priority, while looking at cost to make sure it’s fair and the best use of money

By using your feedback to help shape our services, we are giving you what you want and not what we think you need.

Hazel Chandler

“I am a leaseholder and started on the Core Procurement Group about four years ago knowing little about the procurement process itself. Through the training and support provided by Red Kite, however I have been able to become fully versed in the world of procurement. The training ensures we are a fully independent group. I have been instrumental in choosing key contracts that affect all customers on a daily basis, from responsive repairs to cleaning contracts where we have recently appointed Just Ask.

I thoroughly enjoy being on the group as it gives me the opportunity to be at the heart of what matters to customers, ensuring we are getting the best quality, service and price for all. Along with this, we also save Red Kite money as our time volunteering to procure products and services would otherwise be carried out by staff or external partners.”

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