Home and community improvements
Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

We finished work to improve more than 160 non-traditional homes (Wimpey No Fines) across the district increasing energy efficiency, reducing bills and making them more comfortable

We made even more great progress with our flagship Castlefield Regeneration scheme, involving the Regeneration Panel in writing policies and talking through the process for moving while building work takes place

We invested more than £403,000 in the installation of wet rooms, stair lifts, and minor aids and adaptations to support tenants living in their homes
Work Number completed
Shower/wet room 57
Bathroom adaptations 29
Stairlift 12
Ramp/Thresholds 18
Door entry/handsets 1
Kitchen apaptations 2
Hard standing 4
Other 54
Total 177

We upgraded 182 fire doors to improve the safety of our homes

We started work to install loft and cavity wall insulation, as well as fitting new boilers in homes to improve energy efficiency

We delivered more than 12,600 home improvements to bring our homes up to the Red Kite standard

Tenants continue to choose all products and materials for improvements in their own homes and influence the decisions we make around the work that takes place

We work with our contractors to make improvements as easy as possible for those having work done in their homes. The team offers support throughout the whole process, giving help and advice to ensure that tenants have all the information they need and are happy with the work, from start to finish

We delivered on our commitment to fit free carbon monoxide detectors for our tenants and leaseholders

We will be:
  • Continuing to deliver improvements that meet our promises
  • Carrying out major work to replace balconies in some of our blocks
  • Renewing more roofs and canopies and starting a new external decorations programme
  • Reviewing the adaptations process so that work is completed even quicker

By giving tenants the power to choose our major works contractors, we have been able to focus on quality over cost, making sure that tenants get the work they expect for the best price

We have allocated 10% of our major improvement budget over the next two years to local Small and Medium Enterprises to make sure that we support our local community by providing employment opportunities and supporting the local economy

Through partnerships and membership of industry networks, we have received money back for some of the work that has been carried out, which has been reinvested in our improvements

Reviewing the way we do things and the materials we use and continually looking at ways to improve the way we deliver services.

Margaret Gilbert

“In the Major Works Group, I have been able to proudly witness the satisfaction levels going up when it comes to both Red Kite and the partners we work with. Volunteering on this group enables me as a customer, to closely monitor performance and ensure tenants and leaseholders are getting the best service possible. This opportunity is very interesting and I thoroughly enjoy it, and we all feel empowered enough to challenge contractors where appropriate. The group doesn’t just look at complaints, it provides real insight into how Red Kite is running its major works in respect of installing things like new kitchens and bathrooms.

Along with this opportunity, I have been able to volunteer in a number of other sections of the organisation, giving me a broad view of how Red Kite operates for and on behalf of its customers”.

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