Your Involvement
Now in our third year, it was time to have a closer look at how we involve you in what we do and the opportunities available to influence the services we provide.

As a result, we decided that we would introduce some new and exciting ways for you to work in partnership with us to help provide excellent services.

We established some new groups giving customers the chance to learn new skills and help work with our contractors to improve services in respect of major works, repairs and empty homes, development focussing on our Castlefield regeneration project and making sure we are doing everything we should be in respect of health and safety.
As well as establishing some new groups, our Champions have continued to be out and about monitoring the cleaning on their estates, our editorial panel has been instrumental in putting together your Red Kite News newsletter three times a year, and our Core Procurement Group has appointed a number of new contractors to carry out work for us. The Environmental Improvement Group has met monthly to assess applications for projects such as landscaping, new parking bays, play areas and benches for customers to improve their neighbourhoods.
You can check out the profiles of some of our current volunteers here – find out the roles available and apply if you’d like to.

During the year, 93 decisions and changes were made because of our volunteers’ involvement, including things like:
  • Increasing the range of boiler options offered
  • Approving an application for raised planters and fencing at Woollerton Court
  • Approving the garden assistance scheme
  • A trial of a non-slip coating on concrete paths at Patches Field sheltered scheme
  • Reviewing our Risk Management Strategy
  • The appointment of new members of staff including our Head of Experience and Head of Operations

We would love to recruit even more volunteers and will be continuing our recruitment campaign which was launched in June 2015 to focus on this. As well as looking for volunteers who are prepared to give the commitment needed to sit on our Board or our contract review groups, we will be looking for volunteers for a whole range of other activities including driving our minibus, carrying out telephone interviews, helping us run community events and more.

By giving you what you want and not what we think you need, we can make sure that we are spending money in the right places. That’s why getting more of you involved in what we do at every level of the organisation and really involving you in decisions about what we are doing, is really important.

Robert Patterson

"Volunteering used to be something that others did. But I recognised that you can't complain about things unless you're also prepared to invest some time in working to resolve things. We all have skills that benefit our community and I've found that the knowledge I've gained from my work has been much more relevant than I expected in volunteering with Red Kite - and has equally benefited me at work.

I've used those skills in chairing the Improvement Commission and monitoring and reviewing that Red Kite works for us. I truly believe that those with the passion and concern can help improve things for all. Make the right difference for your community, join us."

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