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Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

We continue to focus on increasing the amount of feedback captured, including complaints. We see all feedback, compliments, complaints and comments, as genuine opportunities to make a change so that either the reason for the complaint doesn’t come up again or we do more of what generated the compliment. We still have a lot more to do in terms of making sure we tell people about all the things we are doing to improve services as a result, but that’s what we’re working on now
You can give feedback in lots of ways, which include:
  • On our website here
  • By email to
  • By phone on 01494 476100
  • In writing or face-to-face at our head office –

    Windsor Court, Frederick Place,
    Kingsmead Business Park,
    High Wycombe,
    Bucks, HP11 1JU
We received more than 306 compliments about our staff and services!

We designed a new infographic to capture the monthly feedback we get, helping us to see the themes and patterns and demonstrate learning month on month

Introducing a Feedback Coordinator whose role it is to follow every bit of feedback up and make sure it has been worked through and learnt from

We put in place a new approach to managing negative feedback informally at the first point of contact, to give more people the help they need when they need it, rather than just enforcing a formal complaints procedure whenever we hear the words “I want to make a complaint”. Because of this, we have helped many more people without them needing to put their concerns in writing

Our Improvement Commission carried out a review of the feedback process and made recommendations for how we could improve it, which we have implemented

Improving our process of learning from mistakes and introducing a new process to help us better record our feedback

Getting better at telling you what we changed because of your feedback, and demonstrating how we’ve built this into our ‘every day’ and avoid it happening again or doing more of the good stuff

Changing our approach to measuring customer satisfaction so that it gives us a more accurate picture of your experiences so we can change things then and there, where we need to

Not taking feedback seriously cannot only make a customer feel unimportant, but it also wastes a golden opportunity to improve our services. If we don’t treat complaints seriously early on, they only get bigger and more complex which costs everyone more in time and money. That’s why we now operate an ‘informal first’ approach, where we will always try to resolve things fully in the first 48 hours if we can and if you’d like us to.

Khalid Khan

“I had an opportunity last year to be part of a volunteer group to review what happens when customers give feedback to Red Kite. This is the process whereby customers can provide their comments, compliments or complaints about their experience of Red Kite’s services, good or bad. Receiving feedback from customers is very important for every service company including Red Kite as it helps to highlight what’s working and what isn’t and where changes need to be made. My particular volunteer group, (there are many) were also provided with the tools needed to perform our task. We were thoroughly briefed on the current feedback process and its strengths and weaknesses. We received expert opinion on the feedback results and the internal way Red Kite processed the feedback it received. We were also provided with office accommodation and refreshments and were supported by friendly, expert Red Kite staff from beginning to end.

As volunteers we were able to offer a ‘critical eye’ on the feedback process and make suggestions as to what could be improved. The volunteers involved in the review learned an awful lot about project working, relationship building, report writing, debating and producing an end product.  As a result of our input Red Kite benefited from an improved feedback process and more skilled volunteers. Many volunteers (including myself) have learned and sharpened our personal skills which in turn have enhanced our employment opportunities.  

If you have a comment, compliment or complaint, please spend a few minutes and let us have it through our feedback service and if you want to do more than just comment, then I can recommend joining as a volunteer too.”

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