The right home for you
Between 1st April 2014 and 31st March 2015:

We moved 30 tenants to smaller, more affordable homes. This meant that more homes were made available for families to move into

We moved 50 sheltered tenants into alternative homes as a result of our sheltered housing review

Our homes are available for those who need them. If you want to apply for a home please visit the Bucks Home Choice website

If you want to move home, we can help with a mutual exchange which is a way of finding a home to swap with an existing tenant so your home better suits your needs

If you would like to find out more about what we are doing to support you with changes, take a look at this page.

We have worked closely with Wycombe District Council to make sure that Discretionary Housing Payments get to tenants who most need them

With the Government’s welfare reform, and the bedroom tax which affects the amount of housing benefit some people get, we know it is difficult for some to make rent payments, so we have been working with affected tenants to make the most of any benefit that is available

New roles were introduced to carry out financial health checks and give advice on budgets for tenants who need it. This has helped us offer support and create tenancies that are sustainable from the outset, with tenants living in homes that are the right size, with an affordable rent

We partnered up with Wycombe Homeless Connection to offer a small number of our empty homes to people in need (for a maximum of six months), so they have a base to get themselves back on their feet

We will be continuing to prepare for the introduction of Universal Credit (currently scheduled for November 2015), which will see a change in how tenants receive their benefits. By working with banks, the Department for Work and Pensions, and other relevant agencies, we can put the right relationships in place that will help those who receive benefits.

The free Home Swapper website helps tenants find a home that best suits their needs, at no cost to us

Our support for tenants to move helps us to make the best use of our homes.

From one of our customers who moved home as part of the Castlefield Regeneration Scheme:

“At first I was devastated to learn that my lovely sunny flat with marvellous views, was going to be demolished. After finally feeling settled, for a number of years, I would have to move again! I attended the meetings and was able to contribute to the residents panel and build a relationship going forward with other members of the Red Kite Regeneration Team. Being there meant I had a voice, and I was heard. My views and preferences were taken into account along with everyone else’s, to develop the scheme for the benefit of all concerned (I am sure the new homes and neighbourhood will be valued.) This was certainly reflected in the relocation and all the support I received from Red Kite and all the various workmen that helped me on the day. The removal men were great. Friendly professional, quiet, gentle and considerate with furniture, boxes and newly decorated walls. Bless them, they even agreed to take several boxes of flint stones which had formerly adorned my door steps “garden”. The guy who dealt with my cooker and washing machine was also very efficient and co-operative as was the heating man who arrived on the day I moved. Moving house is, it is said, one of the most stressful life experiences. I was a bit daunted at first when I was offered a home outside of my chosen area. “It is perfect for you” said a member of staff, when she called with the offer. Spot on! I absolutely adore my new home, new town, new neighbour and a new outlook on life and a positive attitude towards the whole of all this upheaval. Worth it! Thanks a million!”

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